Originally taken from the movie “Dude Where is My Car?” "AND THEN?” Became an inside jokes amongst friends and part of my everyday lingo. I decided to print out stickers and put them up. It got some traction amongst the community and started to carry it’s own meaning.


AND THEN?” Could be seen as a statement, some kind of propaganda or a literal question depending on where it is placed and or the state of mind of the person reading.

We live in a world where we are looking for the next thing at all times, the thoughts of what’s next, the after, instead of appreciating the now. We are constantly apprehending the future and end up never living in the moment. We utilize social media in hopes to get reactions from others through likes or comments instead of taking in what matters at that moment.


Through this simple vehicle I am inviting people to question themselves, to question their actions, some might walk right passed it some might get the movie reference and some might think AND THEN WHAT?

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