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Xmas 2019 I was given the opportunity to come up with a campaign involving Santa for Bayfront Holliday Village. An event that was to take place at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami.


The brief was simple. Santa is the hero… Go.

Guess Who’s Coming to Downtown was born.


The concept was to shoot the man in different areas of Miami doing modern Miami tourist things and over all experiencing Miami living. Throwaway the red coat and the boots Santa is in Miami I need him to look like a retiree. Our Santa happened to be a really cool dude out of West Palm Beach who makes a living modeling as a pirate, wizard, viking and obviously Santa, needless to say he had the “ho ho ho” on point.

We put together the production in a few weeks, had a two day shoot and produced a tone of content. The campaign was very well receive and earned us a silver Addy’s award.


Here is a selection from that shoot.

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