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INC 2020

Have you ever felt like a weirdo, an outcast or...special? Well you are not.

The International Noise Conference is hosted every year at Churchill's Pub in Miami Little Haiti and it's not for everyone. Between "Church" that is basically the hell hole of Miami, where punk tranis and lesbian teenagers find themselves at night. And the mire concept of giving carte blanche to whoever to put together a "noise act" let's just say it's an interesting week in Little Haiti.

So interesting that I spent 4 days there. I somehow feel at home walking in human fluids while drinking shit beer and stumbling out with an hearing defect.

All jokes aside the INC is the epitome of self and creative expression. There are no judgment there (beside from the bartenders that hate their lives from their first hour in a week long shift) Each act is weirder and by that same token more interesting than the next. You find yourself staring at things that most people would runaway from in a heart beat and that is why we are there. It's not music, it's not meant to be good or enjoyable I don't think people listen to noise in their AirPods. I'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to make you feel depending on the different acts but one thing is for sure it's a hell of show.

Here are my favorite shots from that week.

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