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In the summer of 2021 I was invited by FEMLU Magazine to shoot the front cover of their second issue. Mourning and Femicide was the theme and while looking for the right photo/vibe to illustrate the cover I came across a statue of a Saint that I had shot a year prior enveloped in a plastic bag.

After doing some research I discovered that Santa Barbara Africana also known as Ersulie Danto or The Black Madona was the protector of martyrs and more specifically of women, children and the gay community. (Mind blown)

I discussed it with the editor and decided to shoot a portrait of this Saint.


Robbi Robsta

Hair Makeup + Stylist:

Christina Silvia


A Montreal based feminist and activist magazine and a collection of articles, poems, art works and photographs revolving around the feminist movement and what it is today. FEMLU’s mission is to collect and unite artistic feminist thinkers and provide a platform where those ideas can be shared and expressed.



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